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Anyone who doesn’t believe you have the right to make decisions about your own body. Including who you love, what you look like, and your healthcare.

Any person that believes you know what is best for yourself. Including organizations that fight for you every day, elected officials that stand up and protect you every day, and volunteers that defend you every day.

Since 1973 when Roe vs Wade became law, anti-abortion zealots have continuously attacked access to abortion. They started with putting anti-abortion judges into courts and sued until they overturned Roe vs Wade. They won’t stop until all abortions are banned nationwide with ZERO exceptions. Take a look at their playbook below to understand their tactics.

Their Playbook

Who are you? An X or an O? You can’t be both.


Electing and backing judges at all levels that will vote in favor of their restrictive policies. Examples: granting religious freedom to businesses, challenges to federal regulation of mifepristone.

Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings

AP News

State level policies

Local and statewide restricting policies, example: travel. 

Ballot initiatives

Constitutional charges to make it harder to get ballot initiatives passed

Will more states try to make it harder to pass ballot measures?

The Washington Post

(S)elected officials

Supporting anti-abortion candidates: US Congress and US Senate (federal), Secretary of State to keep abortion access off of ballots (state), State lawmakers to pass state policies (state), Municipal races to pass local control anti-abortion laws (county and municipal)

Some Republican officials are trying to keep abortion off of state ballots. Here’s how


Targeting disenfranchised communities

Anti-trans rhetoric, redlining districts to disenfranchise communities of color, ACCs in low income and rural areas

From Trans Healthcare to Transhumanism: Reality vs. Conspiracy at LGBT-related Rallies

Colorado Times Recorder

AACs and false medical information

Confuse and dissuade people seeking abortion care causing harmful delays in accessing safe, accurate information and healthcare

Federal judge blocks Colorado’s new law banning abortion pill “reversal”

Colorado Sun

Controlling the narrative

A straw man’s argument - instead of addressing the actual position or argument of the other person, the fallacy involves substituting it with a weaker or exaggerated version that is easier to criticize. By attacking this misrepresentation, the person avoids engaging with the real argument and creates a false sense of victory
(e.g., personhood, abortion is not healthcare, savior complex)

Straw Man


Healthcare restrictions

HYDE amendment and state level funding, blocking telehealth, criminalizing pregnant women and healthcare professionals

House Democrats introduce bill targeting ban on federal funding for most abortions

USA Today

Halting mail delivery

Trying to reinforce the Comstock Act in 1873 to block mail ordered abortion care

Anthony Comstock's "Chastity" Laws


Data mining

Using online data to charge people. Ex. Nebraska mom and daughter charged due to facebook messages

Using online data to charge people. Ex. Nebraska mom and daughter charged due to facebook messages


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