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Educate. Destigmatize. Support.

Building Power

Keep Abortion Safe is a program centered on using digital storytelling, disruptive content, and bold action to destigmatize abortion, facilitate conversation, and build power in the abortion rights movement.

Abortion is healthcare. Understand it. Protect it. Expand it.


Utilizing ethical and unbiased research to address harmful lies about abortion healthcare and create informed policies that benefit our communities.

Reduce stigma

Unapologetically facilitating personal storytelling and conversations to increase the collective power and end shame.


Engaging the community by providing resources, action outlets, and a space to rage for individuals, while also supporting our partners to protect and expand abortion healthcare in Colorado.

Are you going to a real abortion clinic?

Search which centers in your area provide abortion care and legitimate, unbiased, medically accurate information about abortion and your reproductive and sexual health.

Stay connected and informed

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