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Partner Support + Community Actions

Keep Abortion Safe is proud to support and amplify the important work of our state and national partners each year. Featured here are some initiatives we’ve supported, led by game-changing organizations who fight tirelessly to advance access to reproductive freedom for the communities they represent.

We signed on to a letter addressed to President Biden that called for him to immediately close all ICE detention centers and private prisons, including Irwin County Detention Center and Steward Detention Center in Georgia.

We endorsed The HEAL for Immigrant Women and Families Act to greatly expand immigrants’ access to crucial and comprehensive health care. Every person should be able to get the health care they need, regardless of how long they have been in the U.S. or the status they have been granted.

May 2021

We signed on to a letter addressed to President Biden that called for executive action and implementation of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) recommendations regarding US abortion abortion restrictions on foreign assistance.

April 2021

We signed on to a letter urging the Kalamazoo County Commission to allocate funding to the YWCA Kalamazoo’s newly launched Reproductive Health Fund, to help pay for practical support for abortion care, doula care, and gender-affirming care.

We signed on to “The Right to Vote is a Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Issue" letter calling out the racist and anti-democratic actions of state legislatures across the country as they continue to attack voting rights and access.

March 2021

We endorsed the EACH Act to guarantee abortion coverage which would lift the Hyde Amendment and restore Medicaid coverage of abortion. This bill would guarantee coverage for abortion without restrictions on income, insurance coverage, or zip code.

We endorsed the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act which would expand abortion access globally by repealing the Helms Amendment, a policy that bans the use of U.S. foreign assistance funds for abortion services. And our very own co-founder of Keep Abortion Safe was quoted in the press release: Dismantling racist laws and policies that deny people access to essential abortion services.

We signed on to NAPAWF’s Letter to Condemn Hate and Violence Against Asian American Women to send a message to elected officials: The federal government, state, and local community responses to incidents of AAPI hate must be intersectional and responsive to the needs of Asian American women and elders.

January 2021

We joined SisterSong and other reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations on New Year’s Day to share #RJresolutions: Our Hopes, Goals and Commitments for 2021

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